Entrepreneurship Step Seven: Do you have a vision?

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I see myself and the other women glowing from the inside out and realize the more I work on my own Holistic Brand, the more I start to understand what it means. It’s taking time for all the dots to connect. But the vision is there. It’s a picture and a story about how myself and the women readers are growing through the define your spirit education. You see a vision doesn’t have to be crystal clear from the very beginning. Most of the time, there is fog in our vision but, we can see the first step and that is all we need.

Have you ever opened your eyes after a nap with a vision of something? I have. Eventually, I decided to pay attention to my sub-conscience. My vision was a woman who was old, but in great shape. She glowed. I don’t know how old she is, but I think my vision hasn’t prescribed an age. She is just happy and healthy. There are other women in her circle, that have similar characteristics. They collectively make a big difference in the lives of women. I am standing in an all white space that is on the top floor of my home in the mountains of Colorado. There is a large picture window. If there wasn’t glass it would feel as if the indoors and outdoors were the same. The white capped mountains in the early summer is a spectacular site.

Another interesting aspect of this vision is that I am alone. Some younger women come buy on occasion because they like the peace and tranquility they feel when they are with me. The interesting thing is, I had this vision well before the internet. How was I making a difference in the world that I couldn’t reach like I can today? I suppose finding an author whose ethics and values are similar to mine is a way to connect to the outside world. Today, we can actually have a conversation with the author.

My point in this story is that my vision is clear, but all of the steps to get there are not. Everyday, I know I’m getting closer. A friend of mine sent me a private message yesterday. She commented on the growth of my vision as it is now and as it was the last time we talked with each other which has been some years ago. Comments like the one Valerie gave me are the ruler by which I can measure my growth, where I stand in reference to my vision.


Please find a comfortable place at your computer. I suggest taking a deep breath. Hold it for a few seconds and let it out slowly.

Part One

What is your vision? Please write a blog post* about your vision and ruler. We’ve all had them.

Part Two

Where are you now with your vision? Have you taken any steps? Please continue your writing in your blog post*

Part Three

Have you had a “Valerie” moment – when someone has commented about how far you’ve come? Please continue writing in your blog post*

Part Four

Prepare yourself for the next step? Please continue writing in your blog post*

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With love, Amanda

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