Define Your Spirit Personal Development – Positive Outlook for an Authentic Life

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If you read to the end of this article, you will have a keen understanding of the power of positive outlook for an authentic individual working towards living her true nature in every aspect of her life.

I will discuss exercise a lot when it comes to positive outlook. Yesterday on my run, I ran the full distance of the path without stopping for the first time and on the way back I walked a little bit, and stopped another time. It was a good run for me. Today, my outlook wasn’t as positive. I felt pressure to do the same or better than I did yesterday. I certainly tried. I did run the whole way on the path, but on the return, I stopped three times. Only for less than 10 seconds, but I still stopped. I felt badly about stopping, but realized that I need to keep a positive outlook. Hey, I got up and did the run. That’s something to feel positive about.

We are bound to have set-backs, failures and total flops, but these are only lessons for the individual with a positive outlook. As we move more into an authentic life that is consistent with our personal values, we will, needless to say, begin our path to success. However, without failure, we will never know the formula for success. The most important thing with these circumstances is to keep a positive out look. This keeps our imagination going and puts problem solving abilities to work.

Often, the end result will be far greater than we could have imagined. Without the failure, we would not have had the reason for the positive outlook, or the lessons from the failures. My example was running, but yours could be really anything e.g. preparing dinner, finishing that book with a challenging tongue. There have also been countless numbers of individuals with cancer who kept a positive outlook and pursued different lifestyles and therapies that worked for them.

Our spirit thrives in positivity. When we are positive and authentic, our spirit’s light will shine on our Holistic Personal Brand. To get there, we will undoubtedly have several failures. This is the flexible practice we must follow when developing a Holistic Personal Brand. What ever your goals, a positive outlook can virtually guarantee your success.

With love, Amanda


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2 Thoughts on “Define Your Spirit Personal Development – Positive Outlook for an Authentic Life

  1. Amanda, every concept and principle is true! Self- honesty is self acceptance which frees us from the chains of society and, as for personal experience, ties that are self created. Because I’m bedridden & homebound my capacities are limited but, I’ve found that through my accepting these inevitable & progressive limitations, my joy has been sweeter and, I’ve been able to take advantage of opportunities that have been presented me. You’ve a wonderful & helpful blog~ Blessings & peace friend ~ Deborah

    • Thank you very much for your compliment and visiting my blog. I have a deep respect for where you have taken your life within physical limitations. Many who can roam the land freely will never reach the humanness of joy and acceptance. You are an incredible inspiration. I’ve visited your blog and am taken by your poetry. I hope you continue to let your pen flow. It’s a powerful tool for your honest voice.

      With love, Amanda

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