Define Your Spirit Volume 8: The Weekly Line-up

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Define Your Spirit: Inspiration – People, Books and Blogs to Inspire Personal Growth

Dr. Anjana, creator and author of “The Anjana Network” writes with the wisdom of a woman three times her age. Every week she chooses a topic to explore from multiple perspectives. I would like to introduce you to her greatness. As I look back at the spiritual guidance she has bestowed in each and every post, I will share some of my favorites with you so that you may begin a relationship with her.


Define Your Spirit: Personal Development -  Parenting. Compassionate and Authentic Techniques.

I feel a deep responsibility to my child. As parents, we are his only guide. What we emphasize, he will emphasize. What we do, he will do. What we say, he will say. Last Saturday, I had an interesting experience that required real sensitivity to both my child and his grand father. At the start of the day, I didn’t know how I was going to handle the situation. The truth is, I did not have enough information to know. It was only living the experience and guiding with sensitivity, that was possible.


Entrepreneurship: Personal Calling – Steps to Discover the Career that Fills You with Enthusiasm.

The notion of a personal calling can feel elusive. Especially considering the commitment we have to others. We are committed to the company we work for. We are committed to make certain the bills get paid. We are committed to societal and family norms. How much time do we even allow ourselves to consider our personal calling? Let alone, take the steps to discover it. We ALL have a calling. It might not be as elusive as it appears.


Define Your Spirit: Synthesis – Your Choices, Priorities, Ethics and Authenticity.

Ethics inspire priorities. Priorities inspire choices. Choices inspire authenticity. It’s as automatic as the flow of Dominoes. The challenge is, what ethic am I prescribing to? Do I even have a clear understanding of my ethic? It plays such a profound role in my life, but I might not even be aware that it exists. How can this be?


Define Your Spirit: Personal Development – Spirituality. Self Love.

We spend an inordinate amount of time and our spiritual voice working on our love for others. We write songs about our lovers. We change our lives to be in a love relationship. We spend our energy in the fixing of love relationships gone wrong, but we don’t love ourselves. In fact, straight on the surface, we don’t like ourselves. Self love is a quantum leap for a lot of us. Yet, when practiced, it penetrates the depths of our soul instantaneously.


Entrepreneurship: Work from Home – Steps to Create Your Own freedom in Your Work Life and Subsequently, Your Whole Life.

Entrepreneurship is a sacred art of expressing our values and true nature in the form of a business that we are passionate about. Have you ever dreamed about having your own business? Do you see yourself in this business? Often, the dream is pointed at who we want to be. The business is simply an expression of our real being. It’s our true nature knocking. Working from home offers the sanctuary to encapsulate our true nature and our passion. It’s also pretty nice to say goodbye to the commute, company policies, office politics, and hollowness that accompanies going against our ethics.

With love, Amanda

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  1. Thank you Amanda! Looking forward to this fascinating week ! I hope you realize your dreams and hopes! Sincerely Debbie

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