Entrepreneurship: Work from Home – Steps to Create Freedom in Your Work-Life and Subsequently, Your Whole-Life.

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Entrepreneurship is a sacred art of expressing our values and true nature in the form of a business that we are passionate about. Have you ever dreamed about having your own business? Do you see yourself in this business? Often, the dream is pointed at who we want to be. The business is simply an expression of our real being. It’s our true nature knocking. Working from home offers the sanctuary to encapsulate our true nature and our passion. It’s also pretty nice to say goodbye to the commute, company policies, office politics, and hollowness that accompanies going against our ethics.

Imagine, being yourself all of the time. Never worried about offending your boss or colleagues. Up holding your personal ethics without ever being asked to do anything else. What if you could let your hair down all day, everyday? Entrepreneurship requires a bit of a leap, but once you’re there, it upholds your true nature. You can be yourself all of the time.

Life becomes whole when we are living our personal ethics consistently in our personal and professional lives. Creating a work space in our home affords us the luxury of time. We may choose to work when we want. We can schedule our days the way we want them. We begin living a natural existence.

If you are ready to live a whole life as and entrepreneur, here are some simple steps to start you on your path:

Step One

Step into the comfort of your true nature. Get really cozy there. Then ask yourself, what would the real me LOVE to do? What is my dream business? Write a blog post* with answers to these questions.

Step Two

Carefully evaluate your chances of success. Is it a business that offers a product or service that people are looking for? What are some competitors who are offering something similar? What are they doing that seems to be working? Continue writing in the previous blog post*.

Step Three

It takes some risks to start our own business. We need to be brave to uphold the vision that will take us to the next level of depth in our life. Write down some details of your business. Show yourself what you have and what you will need to bring into life. You might be surprised at how much you already have. Continue writing in the previous blog post*.

Step Four

Ask yourself: What kind of capital will I need to start this business and pay my current bills? Where am I going to get this capital? Whichever, source you choose, be certain that you will have enough time to pay off a loan. It could take three years to start earning money in a new business.

With love, Amanda

5 Thoughts on “Entrepreneurship: Work from Home – Steps to Create Freedom in Your Work-Life and Subsequently, Your Whole-Life.

  1. This is great, Amanda :-) I love your ability to provoke thought and inspired action :-)


    Laurali Star

  2. Amanda,

    Excellent Advice on the importance of being true to your work ethic and well being. A well structured plan helps one to honor commitments and have a sense of accomplishment.



    • Anjana,

      I so agree about the plan. I think we are kindest to ourselves when we go one step at a time. This helps us to feel full with every accomplishment without worry about things to far ahead. Vision is down there, but our path to reach it, will take many twists and turns. I am certainly an example of this. It appears my path is so windy that I have to sit back with closed eyes and breath. What a tremendous difference I feel afterward. At this post meditation time, I can set the fog to the side and clearly see what’s right ahead – my next step.

      I adore you, Anjana. Thank you for your comment.

      With love, Amanda

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